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  • Listening to: Capercaillie
  • Reading: the textbook on Russian
Tagged by ~Kuoma
1. Vesea (should be read [veseja]) is an old Russian name which means 'village'.
2. When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a famous artist (but I had no skills). Later – a famous dancer (no health). Later – a famous musician (no voice). Later – a famous writer (no talent). Now - an ordinary editor.
3. Practically my first pencil drawings were a series of pictures according to Max Frei's books. I put them into the books and gave them to my friends. Almost all the pictures were stolen.
4. I've been writing bad poems since I was 6 years old. I used to win every school, city or state competition I took part in. Now I almost don't write.
5. I'll probably begin to study drawing seriously since next Tuesday.
6. I don't like and don't want to study – neither science, nor drawing. I'm lazy and unable to arrange my time.
7. Everyone says that I seem to be 4 years younger than I am.
8. I hate to be called 'You' by people in the Web, by my teachers… but I hate to be called 'you' by unknown people in the street. In our Russian language the words 'You' and 'you' differ greatly: 'вы' and 'ты' (like German 'Sie' and 'du'). So, in the first case I feel like I'm old, and in the second – like I'm little.
I won't tag anybody, but you may also write 8 interesting facts about you)))
Hi, my name's Vesea. I started with digital drawing in 2006 with a mouse, since 2008 I have a tablet. I'm not a professional artist, I'm a linguist. I speak Russian, Belorussian, English, Czech fluently, and also a bit of German.
I like fantasy and folk-culture. I love to illustrate songs, poems or tales.
I'm glad to see you here!

Привет, меня ховут Весея. Я занимаюсь компьютерной графикой с 2006 года, сначала мышью, теперь на планшете. Я не профессиональный художник, я языковед, говорю на русском, белорусском, английском, чешском, немного на немецком.
Увлекаюсь фэнтези и фолк-культурой. Часто рисую по мотивам песен, стихов, сказок.
Давайте дружить! :)